You never learn a subject as well as when you have to explain or teach it

I had excellent Science background in high school, Introduction to Chemistry/Physics (Freshman), Biology(Soph), Chemistry (Junior), Physics (Senior).  Very tough and struggled to get B- or C+ as grading tougher then.  Had excellent math as well, Pre-Calculus and Calculus as well as Calculus in college twice (again B- was my average and it was a struggle).  I am teaching Sixth Grade Science for 2 months in Bridgeport online (due to an illness) and had to put together an on line curriculum.  There is SO MUCH out there.  I have downloaded excellent classes in Genetics and Pandemics (Eighth Grade level but can diminish it), Electricity, Gasses, Light, Sound all FREE on the internet.  An amazing experience and now that I have owned houses, cars, involved with computer systems I actually can apply it all now.






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