Moving from Connecticut to Ohio

My earliest memories in Connecticut consist of going to Washington school in West Haven for Kindergarten in Sept 1959 and my last was the coverage of the Uvalde Texas school shooting. In between there was John Glenn, JFK, Vietnam, Martin Luther King, Moon Landing, Wars in the Mideast, high school, college, so many people dying (parents, aunts/uncles, famous people, friends, Oklahoma City, 9/11, oil shocks, kids being born, sports playing and watching, and everything in between. Now I will be seeing the news from Ohio, seeing my children’s new lives, meeting new people but (sadly) saying good by to some of the old (on a day to day basis) , establishing new traditions and starting a new life. It i scary and exhilarating and exhausting and emotional. Best of luck to my Connecticut friends and neighbors and on to the future.






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