About Art Landry and this blog

We are first a child, then a student, then a worker, then a spouse, then a parent, then a caring son.  When your parents die, you children become independent(somewhat) and your career ends you must find a purpose.  My goal with this blog is to discern a purpose with all my accumulated experience, my failures and successes, my friends and family and general observations about the world.

.I am a 50+ year member of the workforce who has recently transitioned to substitute teaching and have tremendous experience in life, parenting, and spirituality.  I have made every mistake in the book but seem to have recovered and done a decent job as a citizen, parent, husband and friend.  I hope to share my experience with those who will be going through what I went through and learn in the process how to go to the next level.

contact me at alandry73@gmail.com or 203 988 2820

skype address: live:alandry73


One response to “About Art Landry and this blog”

  1. arthurjlandry Avatar

    hello Art…some real changes coming


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