We should wake up to the rest of the world..

100% of French schoolchildren are learning a foreign language. That’s also the case in Austria and Norway. Poland and Spain aren’t far behind.

  • The median among European countries is 92% across primary and secondary school, according to Pew. In the U.S., that number is 20%.
  • New Jersey is the only U.S. state where more than half of students are learning a second language. Wisconsin, Maryland and Vermont are next at around one-third. The rate is just 9% in Arkansas, New Mexico and Arizona.
  • No sorpresas: Spanish is by far the most popular foreign language taught in the U.S. In Europe, it’s English.

Another global educational disparity is examined in this week’s Economist: the length of summer breaks…

  • “Their length ranges from three weeks in South Korea to three months in America, Italy and Latvia. … studies have found that children regress over the summer even in Belgium, Britain, Canada, Germany and Malawi, all of which have much shorter summer breaks than America’s.”

Nice visit to Cincinnati

The drive was easy at 11 hours in Peggy’s new replacement car

The first night was pleasant with Eli’s barbecue  and Madtree(a local brew pub that allows dogs) and the wonderful Maisie (Mary and Brendan’s dog)eli


Returned rental car with no issue

Attended Mass Friday and Saturday with Xavier President in small chapel

Saw the Xavier basketball practice gym and some players


Second night light meal at Listerman’s brew pub

Third day at riverfront park and walked Roebling Bridge to Kentucky


Got an $88 flight from Cincinnati to Kentucky at last minute and a great limo ride home

Had nice time with girls and their boyfriends and thanks Peggy for a free room to sleep

Helped fix bicycle and minor car questions

Home at 11 Saturday and weather does not look bad today