It is “Go Time”..this is not a drill

After having seen JFK assassination, then Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Moon Landing, Watergate, end of Cold War, Oklahoma City, 9/11 and countless other tragedies I am speechless over this situation.  There is a need for hard mental work and reflection, sacrifice including financial, prayer, and self education.  I don’t think I will smile for quite a while.

Lots of optimistic news..lets hope

Something that annoys me is that as an early riser, I watched in December on CNBC every morning Eunice Yoon from Wuhan with a mask on reporting and people joking about the stylish nature of her mask or some article of clothing.  Nobody even thought it would be a health issue that would affect the world.  Somebody dropped the ball in the media, the government or somewhere. Honestly every morning they would report on how it was affecting the supply of iPhone components or some manufacturer in Wuhan.

Memorial Day Weekend

It used to be so enormous;  everything closed, parades for miles, family picnics with everyone living so close.  World War 2 veterans ruled the world, World War 1 veterans were viable old men, Vietnam War was ongoing, no one really got the Korean War.  Now largely another day; a glorified Sunday.  Nothing closed, parades tiny, an occasional World War 2 veteran (minimum age now 92) in a convertible waving to the crowd, most Mid East veterans live in south and still on active duty, aging Vietnam vets (who used to be so young) marching as brothers, a few Korean War vets (minimum age now 86) on a reviewing stand (most Korean vets fought in WW2).  Times are changing.  RIP to all and thanks for your service.