What a way to end high school career

Went to freezing Shelton High School to watch St Joes/Trumbull score 70 points(state record) and win final for 2nd year.  #1 Ace Luzietti is from our neighborhood and grammar school and started 3 years in a row in finals.  He was one of tri-captains this year.  I remember him taking layups with Mary’s team when in 2nd grade, and remember how excited he was to wear a uniform (well) in 3rd grade and beyond.  Was an altar server until recently.  Congratulations and I am feeling a little nostalgic.ace

Why World War 1 matters today

To prevent war with China, study World War I … Graham Allison, the Douglas Dillon professor of government at Harvard Kennedy School, for the WashPost:

  • “The … structural cause of World War I follows a familiar historical pattern: a rapidly rising power, Germany, challenging the primacy of an established one, Great Britain, which had ruled the world for a century.”
  • “In this dangerous dynamic — the Thucydides’s Trap — both rivals become extremely vulnerable to third-party provocations, or even accidents, that trigger a cascade of reactions, at the end of which they find themselves in a war neither wanted.”